Catastrophe Resiliency Council (CRC) Announces New President

The Institutes Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group, the the leading provider of risk management and insurance education and research, has announced that Christopher G. McDaniel, president of The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative has been tapped to lead its newest consortium, Catastrophe Resiliency Council (CRC).

CRC was formed to advance resilience from natural catastrophes. It is composed of a group of U.S. insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, and model providers facilitated by The Institutes Knowledge Group. CRC seeks to improve the application of science, data, operations, and technology. CRC will contribute to the insurance industry’s focus on providing ever-improving resilience and economic stability in a healthy and competitive marketplace, and reducing or closing existing protection gaps.

McDaniel led the RiskStream Collaborative from its inception in 2017. The RiskStream Collaborative is focused on creating blockchain solutions to address cross-member problems in the risk and insurance industry.  Under his tenure, it grew to be the largest consortium of its kind, serving insurance entity members in the personal lines, commercial line, reinsurance and life & annuities sectors. 

“Christopher’s experience with RiskStream makes him uniquely suited to CRC.  His combination of foresight, experience and skills will provide Helix members with the insights they need to make CRC successful,” says Peter L. Miller, President and CEO of The Institutes Knowledge Group.

“CRC is an opportunity to bring the industry together and to serve as a neutral third party in work on this important issue that ultimately benefits the general public. I am excited to be leading this effort focused on mitigating the adverse effects of natural disasters,” says Christopher McDaniel.

In addition to his new role as President of CRC, Christopher will also continue to provide valued insight to RiskStream Collaborative as a member of its Board of Directors.